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Aichi Triennale 2019: “Taming Y/Our Passion   1 August – 14 October 2019.  Shikemichi, Endoji|Nagoya, Aichi






My anthem”

2019  Movie data  17min46sec

The future arrives with violence, ushering in something new for us.

March 11, 2011. 2:46 p.m. Japan.
Who could have predicted that the landscape with which we were born and raised could change so completely?
August 15, 1945. Noon. Taiwan.

Who could have predicted that the landscape with which we were born and raised could change so completely?

Taiwan, before and during the war.Japanese colonial rule started in 1895 and lasted 50 years.The children born in Taiwan during this time were brought up in the same way as children in Japan. But…At noon on August 15, 1945…The Emperor gave a radio broadcast announcing the end of the war.And Taiwan was taken over by the Republic of China.  (The handover officially took place on October 25, 1945.)

For this work, I visited people over 80 years of age in order to learn about the period of Japanese rule in Taiwan. I asked them about Taiwan at that time.I decided to imagine their “past future” that might have taken place.

Public recording”

2018  Movie data  3min22sec

This work is a project to 3D scan “Peace of statue” which became the first public art in the Jongno District in Seoul, Korea, and to “record” it’s free distribution of the 3D data. Until now Korea, Japan, and other countries, as the government of the country changes, the policy of the country has changed.

So by open sourcing this public model “Peace of statue” and its historical circumstances to “Public” on SNS and the Internet, individuals all over the world “Permanently” “record ” It is one of the projects “public archive” to try things.

“Public archive” Web-site 

Time goes by” 

2017  Movie data  24min58sec

Taiwan was governed by Japan for 50 years, After that it’s governed by China at just now. Therefore, I heard that communication between the generation is braking off. Because it’s different in the language with which they deal during the generation. So the culture and the custom are also different between the generation. And also old people have few chances of going out for dementia of aging and aging, and its tendency is being accelerated increasingly.

So I thought, I’ll visit a old Taiwanese people who speaks Japanese, and I record the people who remember the Japanese and old Japanese culture and manners and customs. That it’s urgent and important to do.

The young people who saw the video would think how to do in the future.

Location : Taipei and Tainan in “Taiwan” 

“War is Over”

2017 Movie data 05min13sec 

The radius 20 km ”Caution areas”
The radius 30 km  “Emergency Evacuation Preparedness Zone”
The radius 50 km ”Planned Evacuation Zone”
The radius 200 km ”Tokyo”   -The capital of Japan
The radius 1,800 km ”Okinawa”   -There was the only ground battle of WW II fought on the Japanese islands.

Can this country be united by Olympics and a linear motor train ?

Too far to see, Too far to hear

Location : “Okinawa” MAP

“The 4th branch, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry” 

2016 Movie data 18min37sec / Installation

The Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry is located at Kasumigaseki in Japan. That composed by 2 government buildings. This exhibition will be held at “anti-nuclear museum” that inside at one of 3 temporary tents build without permission, located front of government buildings. This museum is built for appeal voices from people to stop the resuming nuclear power plant operations and export of nuclear power generation. After March 2011, Participants of Movement of anti nuclear or “Nuclear phase-out” are over two hundred thousand. Now, the number of people who joined this movement is declined, there make a voice for the anti and “phase-out” for nuclear. Theme of this exhibition is, “Temporary: Reality and Ideals of Temporary tents”. Taking an interview from people who staying at Tents of Nuclear “phase-out, I know what is going on. I will propose a “comfortable living space” as an “irony” for nuclear that still exist, and as a spirit of respect for the aged who tired because of the activities were continued with 24 hours a day.  Trying to change the situation that completely choked between Nation and Tents. 


Dreaming future”

2016 Movie data 05min40sec / silk-screen printing

The motif is an office worker because I worked at a company. At the time, my works was very hard. At One Friday night, office workers slept on the road at Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinbashi in Tokyo. Because they were drunk and very tired. They didn’t have any day off and couldn’t have rest everyday. However, I think they are hero. So I covered them in clothes like Jesus Christ. We call companies which make employees work over time and don’t give them day-off. So called black company in japan. A black company’s logo was on the cloth. They are like me and my self-portrait.

“Good, Now and forever”

2016 Movie data 06min57sec / Model of baby’s foot

Over there”

2015 Movie data / Installation / Photo / masks / The local newspaper for 4 years after March 11, 2011

Conditions of creation:
– Limited to a temporary housing residents
– Materials cut through newspaper (Provincial newspaper of Fukushima) by hand
– Paste the split newspaper on a pure white masks
– They wear the mask and point to their hometown

They live in Temporary houses from 2011. They are called victims but they have their own name and each all different people. I cut a local newspaper by hand with them together. Then I put them on masks. I asked them to put the masks on their faces, and they pointed their hometown’s direction. Most of them are old.

Exhibition photo: Kota Takeuchi

“Even After 1,000 years”

2015 Movie data 02min32sec

This work is I got to know their strong minds to keep staying in FUKUSHIMA even though some people were out. The message “This sky above this pole is the real sky” was written on the pole at Mt.ADATARA in NIHONMATU-city in FUKUSHIMA. In this movie, I keep screaming “This sky is the real !!” while I was pelted by nuclear fallout.


2015 Movie data  02min39sec / Photo / This dolphin’s born

11 April 2015, after huge earthquake effected us in many ways. Dead 150 dolphins were washed up on a beach in Ibaraki in Japan. Some people were surfing near that place, and they found one dolphin was still alive, so they put the dolphin back to the sea. But the dolphin came back to the beach and dead soon. Even though the dolphin could be alive, he did not have any choice to die. I saw their instinct as animals. However it is not only about dolphins, but us.


2014 Movie data  07min11sec / Photo

“LInCCAi-chan” which means “The critical point” and “between adult and child”. After the nuclear disaster in FUKUSHIMA, many people visited to IWAKI because they need jobs, It was a kind of Fukushima’s bubble economy at some sex shops. So I went to IWAKI to buy a girl. But I couldn’t buy her. Because she is called Licca and the name is my ex-girlfriend name when I was high school student. So I went to a factory of famous doll which is called Licca-chan. Licca-chan similar to “Barbie doll”.  I bought a Licca-chan at ONONIIMACHI in FUKUSHIMA and she was healing me.