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毒山凡太朗 / Bontaro DOKUYAMA

1984年 福島県生まれ/東京拠点



1984 born in Fukushima, Japan; lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Dokuyama Bontaro started his artistic practice after witnessing the utter change to his hometown of Fukushima brought about by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, and the meltdown of the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear Power Plant. He creates videos and installations investigating forgotten memories of the past, places, issues and phenomena that have become hard to see in contemporary society. Dokuyama’s work involves the intervention of the artist himself by going to the location of a given incident to collect interviews with the people affected; he warns viewers of the possibility that, in our unpredictable modern world, anyone could become a victim at any time. By facing the past and investigating what has been left behind, as well as what has disappeared, Dokuyama reveals the memories and emotions of people who have fallen through the cracks of history, and the reality that fragments of ourselves may be buried in the future.



2021 「Reversing Light / 反転する光」 LEESAYA|目黒/東京   
2020 SAKURA LEESAYA|目黒/東京   ステートメント
2019 東京計画2019 Vol.1 :RENT TOKYO Gallery αM|馬喰町/東京  Curation:藪前知子 
2018 Public archive」  青山目黒|目黒/東京  特設サイト
2016 「戦慄とオーガズム」  Komagome SOKO|駒込/東京   ステートメント
     「経済産業省第四分館」  霞ヶ関/東京  ステートメント
2020 「Sustainable Sculpture  駒込倉庫|駒込 / 東京  企画:LEESAYA
2019 あいちトリエンナーレ2019 : 情の時代  四間道・円頓寺エリア|名古屋市 / 愛知
     「六本木クロッシング 2019:つないでみる」  森美術館|六本木 / 東京
2018 「Assembling」  K11 Art Mall 瀋陽 / 中国
     「HARSH ASTRAL – The Radiants 2  HALLE FÜR KUNST|リューネベルグ / ドイツ
     「HARSH ASTRAL – The Radiants 2」  Galerie Francesca Pia|チューリッヒ / スイス
2017 黄金町バザール2017:他者と出会うための複数の方法」  八番館|黄金町エリア/神奈川
     「Collective Dissent」: If only radiation had color. The Era of Fukushima  X and Beyond /Copenhagen
     「Human Landscape」: If only radiation had color. The Era of Fukushima  X and Beyond /Copenhagen
2015 今日も きこえる  いわき市/福島    
     「Genbutsu Over Dose」 –天才ハイスクール!!!! 解散展-  キタコレビル|高円寺/東京
2013  「ハイノリテ|-High-nority-」  無人島プロダクション/SNAC|清澄白河/東京
2019 「Parallax Trading」  das weisse haus | Vienna, Austria   Curation : Miwa Negoro
2018 「AGAINST APATHY TO POLITICS 」  Documentary Club Theater | バンコク/タイ
2017 Invisible Cities」  Dallas Contemporary | USA
     「ExScreen 15」  RAW Art Space | クアラルンプール

2018 「アートアクションUK」  ロンドン/イギリス

– 広島市現代美術館(広島)
– カディスト・アート・ファウンデーション(パリ、サンフランシスコ)
– 森美術館(東京)



Selected Solo Exhibitions;
2021 Reversing Light  LEESAYA, Meguro, Tokyo
2020 SAKURA  LEESAYA, Meguro, Tokyo
2019 Plans for Tokyo 2019_Vol.1RENT TOKYO   gallery αM, Tokyo  Curated by Tomoko Yabumae
2018 Public archive  Aoyamameguro,Tokyo
2016 Shudder and Orgasm  Komagome SOKO, Tokyo
    The 4th branch, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry  Kasumigaseki, Tokyo
Selected Group Exhibitions;
2020 Sustainable Sculpture  Produced by LEESAYA  Komagome SOKO, Tokyo
2019 Aichi Triennial 2019 : Taming Y/Our Passion   Shikemichi-Endoji, Nagoya, Aichi
    Roppongi crossing 2019 : CONNEXIONS   Mori Art Museum,Tokyo
2018 Assembling  K11 Art Mall, Shenyang, CHINA
    HARSH ASTRAL – The Radiants 2  HALLE FÜR KUNST, Lueneburg, Germany
    HARSH ASTRAL – The Radiants 2  Galerie Francesca Pia, Zurich, Switzerland
2017 Kogane-cho Bazaar 2017: Double Facade  Kogane-cho, Kanazawa  Curated by Kenji Kubota
    Collective Dissent  X and Beyond,Copenhagen, Denmark
    Human Landscape  X and Beyond,Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Kyo-mo Kikoeru  The city of Iwaki, Fukushima
    Genbutsu Over Dose  Koenji, Tokyo 

2013 High-nority  Mujin-to production|Tokyo

Selected Screening;
2019 Parallax Trading  das weisse haus|Vienna, Austria   Curated by Miwa Negoro
2018 AGAINST APATHY TO POLITICS  Documentary Club Theater| Bangkok, Thailand
2017 Invisible Cities  Dallas Contemporary, USA
    ExScreen  RAW Art Space | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2018 Art action UK  London, UK
Public / Private Collections;
– Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
– Kadist Foundation, Paris and San Francisco
– Mori Art Museum, Japan