” The 4th branch, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “

Venue : “The Museum of Anti-nuclear” in The Anti-nuclear occupy tent in Illegal occupation area”

6 June, 2016

The Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry is located at Kasumigaseki in Japan. That composed by 2 government buildings.

This exhibition will be held at “anti-nuclear museum” that inside at one of 3 temporary tents build without permission, located front of government buildings, This museum is built for appeal voices from people to stop the resuming nuclear power plant operations and export of nuclear power generation.

This place consists of 3 tents occupied by a social activist illegally.

After March 2011, Participants of Movement of anti nuclear or “Nuclear phase-out” are over two hundred thousand.

Now, the number of people who joined this movement is declined, there make a voice for the anti and “phase-out” for nuclear. Theme of this exhibition is, “Temporary: Reality and Ideals of Temporary tent” . Taking an interview from people who staying at Tents of Nuclear “phase-out, I know what is going on. I will propose a “comfortable living space” as an “irony” for nuclear that still exist, and as a spirit of respect for the aged who tired because of the activities were continued with 24 hours a day. Trying to change the situation that completely choked between Nation and Tents.

But that tents was forcible removal by the Japanese government in August 2016,